Dima Karabash

Specialist Support


My name is Dima Karabash. I’m Palestinian, coming from Damascus, Syria.

I studied Fine Arts and specialsed in Interior design in Damascus university.

I came to Denmark with my husband and our two sons in 2014, in 2016 we were blessed with our youngest family member. My boys are Mahmoud aged 11, Karim aged 8, and Josef aged 4.

I joined Aarhus International school in November 2017, and I’ve been a part since, filling in different roles. This year I’m gladly joining PYP2/3 as One-to-One support, and PYP3 for ASA.

In my free time I love to do lots of creative stuff, especially drawing and painting. I also do party decorations for different occasions, whenever I’m presented with a chance, but yet spending quality time and traveling with my family are my favorite things to use my spare time doing.

Looking forward to being around your lovely children, and to get the chance to be a part of their exciting every day at school.