In Denmark, sports and club activities usually take place outside of school campuses in associations and sporting unions. At AIS, we aim to bring a selection of these activities to the Dalgas campus to give a glimpse of the possibilities in Aarhus.

In addition to the daily ASA & MAC activities, school clubs are run by professionals in their fields are offered at AIS for both PYP and MYP students. The list of available clubs on campus is sent out at the beginning of each term together with the AIS School Newsletter.

Please note that the enrolment for these paid clubs is separate to ASA & MAC enrolment. Providing there is space in the club in question, and that the club is open to your child’s age group, your child may join at any time. In the past, we had the pleasure to host chess, badminton, hockey carrom, robotics, dance, basketball, football, drama & art clubs on campus.

This page will be updated with the current clubs on campus in August and January. If you are interested in a club that is not listed in the clubs on our campus list, please get in touch with us and we would be happy to guide towards the right organisation.

Our ASA coordinator can also guide you or put you in contact with people or organisations who can assist you in finding relevant clubs that your child may be interested in within your local area.