In our Early Years Programme, care is offered from 7:30-17:00 each day. Lessons and the IB schedule at Early Years runs from 8:30-14:30, where our Early Years students have a broad schedule including indoor and outdoor play, Unit of Inquiry, Arts, PSPE, and many other fun learning activities.

In the school programmes at AIS, the school day begins at 8:00 and lessons end at 14:15 for PYP4 and PYP5 students, and 15:00 for the rest of the school.
There is a morning break from 9:45-10:15, and lunch break/playtime from 11:45-12:45. We go outside to play every day – no matter the weather!

Any PYP4-8 students who need morning or afternoon care can sign up for After School Activities (ASA) or Morning & Afternoon Care (MAC), based on their needs. More information on ASA & MAC is included in the next question.

All students at AIS have a schedule and timetable, which details their lessons for the day. Beyond this, we have many school-wide and programme-wide events such as assemblies, presentations, Mother tongue language clubs, field trips, and much more. Our location in the heart of Aarhus means that we are close to the forest, the sea, and many attractions in the city centre; it is important to use to utilise the opportunities around us and we explore the chance to connect with our local community in Aarhus.