The Primary Years Programme (PYP) is an internationally-recognised curriculum framework for young learners aged 3–12 designed by the International Baccalaureate (IB). Founded on a philosophy that recognizes a child’s natural curiosity, creativity and ability to reflect, the PYP generates a stimulating, challenging learning environment to nurture those assets and foster a lifelong love of learning in every child. The PYP, like all IB programmes, is transdisciplinary, meaning students learn across subject areas while investigating big, conceptual ideas.

In the PYP, our curriculum is built on six themes of global significance, which create a transdisciplinary framework. The themes are: “Who We Are,” “Where We Are in Place and Time,” “How We Express Ourselves,” “How the World Works,” “How We Organise Ourselves,” and “Sharing the Planet. Through these themes, students gain knowledge in six principal subject areas: Language (English), Mathematics, Science and technology, Social Studies, The Arts (Visual Arts & Performing Arts), and Personal, Social, & Physical Education (PSPE). All students in the school programme also begin learning Danish from PYP4.