Aarhus International School (AIS), a name that clearly reflects the mission and purpose of the school. That is what rebranding is all about, clarity of purpose and an accurate description of the school’s role as the City of Aarhus grows internationally. Over the past seven years of this school’s life, AIS has developed into a recognized international school, continuously expanding in both program quality and student enrolment. Rebranding therefore gives the school an opportunity to recognize achievements and confirm its identity going forward. This also allows us the opportunity to solidify our place in the community, as well as to set the stage for future growth.

The rebranding process has entailed many steps, including our name change from Aarhus Academy for Global Education (AAGE) to Aarhus International School (AIS). A new school logo and new colours are now in place to reflect the school we have become. New updated and comfortable uniforms, which are attractive and in line with the school’s colours, have been organised and will be soon making their appearance in our AIS student body. Our rebranding process has also focused heavily on clarity in communication, and to this end a revised, updated, and responsive school website has been developed.

AIS is more than a name. Thanks to all of the rebranding efforts, we have defined anew who we are and what we offer. Above all, this process has represented an achievement by the entire school community. We all deserve to be proud of our contributions which have brought the school to where it is today and we look forward to what lies ahead!