Their goal was to buy a new foodball table for the ASA room which will benefit both PYP and MYP students in Dalgas campus. The idea was to get sponsorship from family, friends or even neighbours (a great opportunity to practise their Danish!) for each lap they completed. They could choose to walk, run, skip, hop or really, just any way they wanted to do it. The run took place at school with their teachers.

The great news is that we raised almost 20,000DKK in the walkathon so we have lots of money for 2 football tables - one for the ASA base and another one for the MYP canteen.

We will also have an extra 8000 DKK for fiction books for the library.

A massive Well done and many thanks to our wonderful PTA and Mr. Ryan (for facilitating this) and all the HR teachers who helped to promote this event.