Rejsegilde celebrating the raising of the Early Years roof

Today we celebrated the raising of the roof of our newly constructed Early Year's campus.

August, 2023

It was a special day for the building project and the ejendomsfonden at AIS.

In a very Danish tradition, we held a Rejsegilde for the building project. This special ceremony is a celebration of the raising of the roof, where the last beam is placed on a building. In this case, it was for our new Early Years building. A wreath and garland is hung from the roof with ribbons, and the construction workers are treated to a traditional Danish hot dog and some drinks.

We were also thrilled to welcome to the ceremony members from the ejendomsfonden, the many sponsors of the building project, members of the AIS school board and members of our leadership team.

This event marks us as being one step closer to the completion of our Early Years building and the entire building project. Excitement was buzzing as we all began to imagine what this building will look like in the next year and we are all itching to see it completed and open.

Hurrah! Hurrah! Hurrah!

Thank you to our sponsors