AIS is following the advice and directives of the Ministry of Education, the health authorities and all other governmental organizations in response to the COVID-19 virus.

AIS will close all classes from Monday, March 16 until Tuesday 14th April 2020

Updates from the Head of School

If you have any questions, please call the National Hotline:

70 20 02 33

Hotline is open:

Monday-Thursday 08:30-16:00

Friday 09:00-15:00

You are of course welcome to contact the school for any other questions:

86 72 60 60

School Office is open:

Monday to Friday 8:00-16:00

You can read more about Covid-19 from the government agencies below:

The Danish Police:

In Danish

In English

World Health Organisation:

Click Here

Sundhedsstyrelsen (Danish Health Authority):

In Danish

In English

Statens Serum Institut:

In Danish

In English

A film for children (Danish)

A film for Parents, Teachers, Pegagogs and other Adults: (Danish)