At AIS we have two Parent Councils (PC), one for PYP1-3 (Kindergarten Parent Council (KPC) and one for PYP4-MYP5 (School Parent Council (SPC)).

These Parent Councils work closely to build healthy and productive relationships between parents, the school staff and administration.

The Parent Councils welcome new families to the school with a series of Integration and Orientation workshops aimed at assisting families to integrate successfully into the School and Aarhus communities.

The Parent Councils represent the concerns of parents and help organize school and community events, such as a Welcome Back Picnic, regular General Parent Membership Meetings, Integration and Orientation Workshops, Halloween Party, Holiday Market, a Summer Festival and a number of other Community/Social activities.

Members of the Parent Councils Management Board, made up of elected members of the KPC and SPC, are elected annually for a one (1) year term before the end of May. Elected members of the Parent Councils will meet as often as required, typically on a monthly basis with the first of four (4), General Parent Membership Meetings (GPMM), scheduled in September.

If parents wish to get involved, we have plenty of events and projects that parents can help out with, where you can use your knowledge and skills to help your community – just let us know! We welcome your input.

If you would like to get involved in the Kindergarten Parent Council or School Parent Council or just help out at an event send us an email onpccomm@aarhusacademy.dkand let us know how you would like to help out.

Who are our 2018/2019 Parent Council Team