For your next School year (2023-2024) starting on the 14th of August 2023, we currently have seats available in:


  • PYP 1 (2020) 3 years old
  • PYP 2 (2019) 4 years old
  • PYP 3 (2018) 5 years old


  • PYP 4 (2017) 6 years old
  • PYP 5 (2016) 7 years old
  • PYP 7 (2014) 9 years old


  • MYP 1 (2012) - MYP 5 (2008)

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AIS’s Admissions Policy states that admission is open to students of all nationalities who demonstrate the ability to access and benefit from the challenging IB curriculum. AIS is an inclusive school and serves the educational needs of the international community in the Greater Aarhus area.

Please read more about our Admissions Policy here

As a part of the admissions process, educational assessments will be conducted prior to enrollment and may include: record review and gathering of information from parents and previous teachers, academic skills assessments, developmental screenings, social/emotional assessments, and review of most recent report card.
Admissions assessment results will be discussed with parents and dependent on outcome will result in: placement, probationary placement or placement not
appropriate at this time. With this in mind, AIS strives to ensure that we have the resources to, and are able to, meet the educational needs of all of the students we admit to our school. The school has an ethical responsibility to be open and honest with families and applicants in cases where we do not have the resources or facilities necessary to provide educational access to the IB programme for a student.

In our host country of Denmark, our PYP1-3 is viewed as a “børnehave” or a kindergarten, and therefore functions under a different set of guidelines. In cases where a PYP1-3 applicant has previously identified special educational needs, we will partner with the family to be open and honest about the resources and facilities currently available. If seats are available, the parents then have the choice to enroll their son or daughter at AIS.

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