AIS is in need of a part-time learning support teacher who can work individually to support a MYP student in the home and/or school environment. Individual tutoring in subjects such as Danish, English, math, and social studies is needed for a period of 12 lessons per week. The timing and frequency of lessons can be arranged in coordination with the student, her/his parent(s), and the school. A motivated and educationally experienced individual who wants to make a real difference in the life of a student is the ideal candidate for this position.

Requirements for this position:

Sensitivity to unique needs of the student

Teaching experience (work experience with a teenage students; knowledge of special educational needs)

Organizational skills (structuring an educational program; planning; assessing)

Excellent Danish skills, both verbal and written (collaboration with Danish offices; report writing; communication)

Excellent English skills, both verbal and written (instruction in English; communication with school)

Technology skills (extension of learning; projects)

An understanding of the IB MYP

Application deadline: 30 October 2020

Send letter of application and CV to: cch@ais-aarhus.dk