Book Fair

Every year, the school holds a Book Fair, selling English books from Usborne, Scholastic, Hachette & Co. This is a good way of increasing your home library and encouraging children to read more.

Bookopoly Reading Challenge

This was created primarily to encourage students to be a bit more diverse in their reading choices. This has become a great hit amongst the PYP students, competing to complete as many books as possible to gain their reward at the end of the school year.

Book Week

Every Spring we go a bit further celebrating books – we have a week long event with many activities involving both the PYP & MYP students. The Book Week includes D.E.A.R (drop everything and read), reading challenges, treasure hunts, designing posters or book covers and many more fun activities centered around books

Author / Topic of the Month

Every month there are books displayed, either by a specific author or a particular topic. This is a great way of introducing new authors / topics to improve literacy and knowledge.