Gyldendal Fagbog

Danish non-fiction open to all students – non-fiction books relevant to PYP4-MYP5 in Danish A, B & C, with comprehension tasks to most books.

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Danish online library open to all students – relevant to Danish A, B & C. Most books come in different levels and with illustrations to support the text. There’s a reading pace assessment tool, comprehension and interaction tasks, writing support tools, and the children can track their progress.

Link to Frilæsning

STAV Online

Danish Online Spelling interactive activities – set up as a computer game where quests are grammatical and spelling challenges, that need to be solved to move up to the next level. The participants earn points, based on the accuracy of their answers. Used mainly in the upper PYP and MYP Danish !A & B.

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Den Første Læsning

Used by students from PYP4, 5 & 6, as a suppliment to Danish Reading books. It covers all areas.

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Our primary resources are intended for the first four years of language study and give you and your child a wide range of functionality to help drive learning progress.

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