Primary Years PYP4-8 After School Activities Program (ASA)


Daily After School Activities are for all PYP4-8 students who are signed up for ASA. Daily ASA aims at providing a space for students where they can engage in active and creative activities with their fellow students across ages within the Primary Years Program.

Each term offers a new selection of activities, which completes our students’ well-rounded day. We welcome our students’ input when creating our menu of clubs to complement their full and balanced school schedules.

Our After School Activities (ASA) Program for PYP4-8 students is optional and runs Monday - Friday from 15:00-17:00 in the ASA room (108)

In case of emergencies please call the ASA telephone on 31 44 14 37

(unexpected late pickup, permission to let children be picked up by somebody else, changes of plans, etc.)


  • Parents are expected to inform the ASA staff that they are taking their child(ren) home.
  • In case of your child being picked up by anyone other than yourself, please ensure that prior notification has been given. You can send an email to BircanAykurt on, or you may also inform the staff by calling or sending an SMS to the ASA Phone on 31 44 14 37.
  • Please be advised that ASA ends at 17.00. This means that all children must be out of the school building at this time.
  • We collaborate with LEGO who conducts user tests throughout the year to specific age groups and genders. Please ensure that your child(ren) can take part by reading and signing a LEGO Test permission form, which can be found in the ASA room.


You may sign up your child(ren) for ASA with one day's notice. Please note the fee is to be paid for the entire month in which your child is enrolled and that the school requires one (1) full months' notice when signing out of ASA.

The monthly fee is 735DKK per child for 2019-2020 school year (no sibling discount).

To sign your child up for ASA please contact our administration office at

In the event of school days ending at 11.45,
FREE childcare is available for ALL students until 15.00.


We offer childcare over some school holiday periods.
You can check out the
school calendar for an overview of the upcoming holidays.


School clubs run by professionals in their fields.
Offered for both PYP and MYP students.


We collaborate with music schools in Aarhus who offers individual/group instrument lessons to AIS students at Dalgas Campus.

  • Guitar
  • Ukulele
  • Piano
  • Violin
  • Singing lessons

Are currentlyoffered. For more information and arrangement of instrument lessons please contact Bircan Aykurt on


MYP Coordinator Kathryn Templeman organizes an ensemble that welcomes all AIS students, teachers and parents. You can sing along or take part with your instruments to perform at the AIS Christmas Concert.

The practise takes place on Mondays at 15.00 - 15.45.

ASA Club & Childcare Contact:

Bircan Aykurt

Head of Daily ASA

+45 31 44 14 37

ASA Daily Instructors:

Amelia Herridge Ishak

Wendy Garnier

Sign up to ASA contact:

Charlotte Jessen

School Secretary

+45 80 72 60 60