Danish at AIS

Danish language is an important part of the curriculum at AIS. In both PYP and MYP, there are three different levels students can study Danish:

  • Danish A
  • Danish B
  • Danish C

Danish A is a Language and Literature study, aimed at students who have mother tongue level in Danish. Danish B and C are Language Acquisition studies, aimed at students who are learning Danish as a second language. These three strands are in place to support language development and allow students to grow within and across the levels.

Click on the image below to see the full breakdown between the three strands.

Danish Language Proficency Exam

AIS is a "prøvefri" (exam free) school, except for the Danish Folkeskolens Afgangsprøve (FSA) for Danish A only. Students will not be undertaking the full FSA at AIS.

The students graduating in June 2017 were the first group to undertake the Danish A exam. Since 2017 AIS has offered all Danish A graduating students the opportunity to take the Danish A exam.