AIS’ Early Years Programme is recognized by Aarhus Kommune as a private Børnehave or kindergarten programme. Aarhus Kommune requires that there is an ongoing dialogue between the parents and the teachers/pedagogical staff regarding the child’s development across six specific areas, including:

  • Versatile personal development
  • Social development
  • Communication and language
  • Body, senses and movement
  • Nature, outdoor life, and science
  • Culture, the aesthetic and community

These topics are currently naturally addressed throughout the AIS Programme of Inquiry within specific Units of Inquiry in PYP1, PYP2 and PYP3. Classroom teachers will provide parents with ongoing feedback in these areas through the scheduled conferences and reporting structures.

In Early Years, we continually, monitor our students progress throughout the school year. There will also be a focus on Approaches to Learning (ATL) skill assessment to ensure that we support and help the students in reaching age-appropriate milestones as well as academic learning outcomes.

Through observations, play-based activities, notes and formative/summative assessments we record student progress. The students reflect daily on their learning to help them understand and construct meaning from the learning experiences they encounter. Their ideas, thoughts and curiosity are highly valued, and this is the means in which we drive our inquiry-based programme.