Approaches to Teaching and Learning

Approaches to Teaching

The IB Middle Years Programme emphasises a learner-centred method of pedagogy – the student is at the centre. The teaching styles are based on inquiry methods, where the students are guided to deepen their knowledge and understanding of subjects by the teacher, from where they are at the start. Teaching is differentiated to allow for different needs, which could be social-emotional, academic or linguistic. Students are often place in groups to allow for collaborative learning from each other and teachers use formative assessment to gauge the understanding of the students so that the instruction proceeds at the correct pace for that particular group of students. Teachers in the Middle Years Programme at AIS receive constant professional development, both within school and on external courses to make sure that they understand and follow these Approaches To Teaching principles.

Approaches To Learning

Through approaches to learning, students develop skills that have relevance across the curriculum that help them “learn how to learn”. Approaches to learning skills can be learned and taught, improved with practice and developed incrementally. They provide a solid foundation for learning independently and with others. ATL skills help students prepare for, and demonstrate learning through, meaningful assessment. They provide a common language that students and teachers can use to reflect on and articulate on the process of learning. Approaches To Learning skills are also known as ‘21st Century Skills’ and help to prepare students for further study in the IB Diploma programme, for higher education and for the workplace.

AIS has developed a plan that includes 10 core skills which are emphasised across the curriculum, as well as a plan that ensures that students cover all the skills every year and gradually are able to learn and grow academically with increasing independence. The school also uses a new application called ‘Skills Tracker’ to help students log and track their ATL skills development.

AIS - MYP Core ATL Skills

AIS - MYP ATL Skills Vertical and Horizontal Planner