As an area of growing importance in the modern world, Design is one of the eight core MYP subjects.

Students will follow the Middle Years Programme Design Cycle for every unit in MYP1-4 Design.
This is a four-part cycle beginning with deep and considered inquiry and analysis into
important topics, pathing the way for students to develop their own ideas based on a Design Brief.

This segues into the creation of a product aimed at solving a proposed problem based upon student-defined success criteria in the form of a Design Specification.

Finally and critically, every project embarked upon is concluded with an in-depth evaluation of the student’s design and product, including product testing and considerations into the impact of the solution.

The MYP Design Cycle is a versatile and logical method through which many projects can be tackled and has relevance to the real world. All the unit summative assessments in MYP Design at AIS are authentic real-life opportunities to develop skills and knowledge.

Units throughout MYP include:

  • Web Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Product Design
  • Food Design
  • Interior Design
  • Coding & Programming
  • Percussion Instrument Design
  • Functional Sculpture Design

Central to Design are the concepts of empathy and problem-solving through creativity.
We strive to be sustainable and environmentally responsible
citizens in MYP Design, and by fostering positive and innovative behaviours, we learn to understand that waste creation is a problem that doesn’t necessarily have to hamper a subject so inextricable from issues around resource consumption.

Design focuses also on how things work, and how to understand, become involved in, and eventually to influence the systems around us. Students will develop Approaches to Learning skills appropriate to deal with ever-growing societal and international problems in a confident and informed manner.