Individuals & Societies

Known as I&S, Individuals and Societies is taught to all students in the MYP. It encourages students to respect and understand the world around them, equipping them with the necessary skills to inquire into historical, geographic, economic and religious topics and focuses on individuals, societies and environments. A key skill of the subject is being able to think critically.

It has an evolving and consequential curriculum, with current units in the including the study of:

  • Aarhus
  • The Middle Ages
  • Warfare Technology
  • The Industrial Revolution
  • The Holocaust
  • Israel and Palestine conflict
  • Rivers and Flooding
  • Extreme Environments
  • Fashion Choices
  • Sustainability
  • The Wall Street Crash
  • Ethics and World Religions

We try to take lessons out of the classroom as much as possible, using the resources available to us in the Aarhus area.

In MYP 5, students take the Integrated Humanities e-assessment from the IB. In the previous two school yearsthe subject had 100% pass rate.

Individuals and Societies Course Brief