Interdisciplinary Learning

In the MYP subject areas are often combined and studied together for particular units of work, known as Interdisciplinary Units. Examples of these units include a study of a particular period across Language A, Humanities and the Arts, e.g. The Renaissance, or an aspect of PHE study that can be enhanced through mathematical skills, such as use of data in sport.

In MYP5, the students sit for an external IB MYP eAssessment in Interdisciplinary Learning. The subjects are chosen from the onscreen exam subjects – English, Individuals & Societies, Sciences or Mathematics. The students get the subjects and materials for the exam six weeks before and they study an intensive unit with the MYP Coordinator in preparation for the assessment. MYP4 students also complete a practice unit that is similar at the end of MYP4.

AIS MYP students have two opportunities to go on field trips during the school year. One is near to the beginning of the year and focuses on team building and outward-bound activities which enable the students to get to know one another and work on their collaboration and communication skills as part of the ATL programme. The other trip, in the spring, is curriculum based and takes the form of an interdisciplinary unit, involving several subjects, centred around a geographical area. Examples include visiting Florence in Italy to study the Renaissance, or Berlin in Germany to study the Second World War and the Cold War for I&S studies.

Interdisciplinary Learning Course Brief