Language and Literature
(English and Danish)

At AIS we offer Language and Literature in three languages, English, Danish and Japanese. They all seek to implement the philosophy of the IB programme and especially the course of Language and Literature.

Language and Literature Course Brief

The two Language A subject teachers (English and Danish) work closely together to ensure coherence and balance between the two languages, especially in terms of language mechanics; grammar and spelling.

Depending on the needs, other languages can be offered.

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English A

Students are encouraged, at AIS, to take risks in their writing, thinking and exploration of the world around them.Students interact with literature from around the globe, offering them multicultural perspectives.

The MYP English A Language and Literature
courseintroduces reading material ranging from contemporary to classic literature. Student’s study literary elements found in novels, plays, poetry, fiction and nonfiction as well as a continued focus on their core reading, writing and spelling skills.

Throughout the course students learn about and practice different writing styles such as narrative and persuasive essays. Grammar and syntax are integral to clear writing which is addressed in direct lessons as well as work done in the editing process.

Each unit asks students to explore their creativity and self-expression through the written language as well as
creative activities which tap into their imagination, curiosity, and result in enhanced speaking and listening skills.Higher thinking is integral to this program and is incorporated into our English A Language and Literature program.

Questions related to English A can be directed to Ms. Laura

Danish A

At AIS we offer three levels of Danish in the MYP; A, B and C.
Danish A is for those who are mother tongue proficient. (Danish B & C follows Language Acquisition)

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The Danish A lessons are targeted towards preparing the students to sit for the Danish national exam at the end of MYP 5. They will become prepared through a wide study of different genres, literary eras, new and old forms of communication. The students will encounter everything from folk tales, poetry from 19th century, advertisements from yesterday and short stories written during second world war. The purpose of the subject is to better understand the world around them and become aware citizens who critically will make their mark on the future.

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The Danish curriculum focuses on the students experience of Danish, in literature as well as in other forms of expressions. Danish A serves to promote the students own personal growth through a study in historical, aesthetical and current use of the Danish language.

The students will sit for the National Danish Exam at the end of MYP 5 (afgangsprøve).

National Danish Exam Information (Danish Only)

As the students prepare for the Danish national exam; grammatical conventions, reading strategies and various writing competencies is part of the curriculum as well.

Danish A follows the requirements prescribed by the IB for the subject 'Language and Literature'. The students will delve into the different concepts through literature and other types of expression. In Danish A the grading follows the standards of the MYP, but as the IB don't offer Danish as an exam option, they exam at the end of MYP 5 will follow the Danish national standards.

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