MYP eAssessment

The IB is known for its world-renowned team of experts in student evaluation. MYP eAssessment provides external validation of achievement for students in MYP year 5 (15–16 years old) in the form of an MYP certificate or course results. eAssessments in the MYP focus on conceptual understanding and the ability to apply knowledge in complex, unfamiliar situations. They offer robust and reliable assessment of student achievement in the MYP.

  • Two-hour examinations in four subject groups (language and literature, sciences, mathematics, individuals and societies) and in interdisciplinary learning are individually marked by IB examiners.
  • Portfolios of student work for four subject groups (language acquisition, physical and health education, arts, and design) are moderated by IB examiners to international standards.
  • At AIS all students take all five Onscreen examinations in MYP5. All students also complete an ePortfolio in one Language Acquisition subject, Physical and Health Education and then one from Design, Visual Art, Music or Drama.