Physical & Health Education

Physical and Health Education (PHE) at AIS is an exciting, yet challenging part of the Middle Years Programme. PHE is much more than just learning to play games. Students have the opportunity to work individually and in groups on a variety of sport-related tasks including coaching, performing and analysing.

Physical and Health Education Course Brief

Throughout the programme students gain valuable knowledge and skills through a wide range of physical activities. Dance and gymnastics provide students with an opportunity to learn, display and develop skills in movement composition and performance.

Team games, such as volleyball, basketball and cricket allow students to demonstrate their knowledge of rules, strategies and tactics.

Athletic activities such as swimming, orienteering and running challenge students limits and enhance self-disciplne and personal engagement.

As an international school, PHE takes place within a context of international mindedness with activities being selected to represent a broad range of cultures and sporting interests, from English cricket to American baseball, Eastern martial arts in dance class to the South East Asian sport of Kabadi - to name but a few.

Physically active students make for healthy learners!