Service as Action

Service as Action (SA) is derived from the two terms ‘Service’ and ‘Action’ Action is learning by doing and service is action which involves participation.

It is compulsory for students to undertake Service as Action in each year of the MYP. AIS has a hierarchy progression of SA.An MYP 1 student will have less responsibility for designing their Service as Action activities, so they are given more help and guidance along the way. In the same regard, we expect that the MYP 5 students will assume the majority of responsibility and leadership towards their activities. Through engagement and on-going reflection our learners will be encouraged to see the connections between the values we promote and the action that’s required to make them a reality.

Examples of previous SA activities include:

  • Being a Sports Leader
  • Participating in Waste Hunt Aarhus
  • Raising awareness of issues such as use of plastic and climate change
  • volunteering at an orphanage in Lebanon.

Please see our Student Expectations Guide for further information.