The Primary Years Programme (PYP) Exhibition is an in-depth, student-driven inquiry which is completed by all students in the final year of the PYP.

Students work collaboratively and/or individually to inquire into real-life and personally meaningful issues. Students demonstrate their learning from their entire PYP experience and work to develop an Exhibition project that is authentic, significant, and internationally-minded. Students have the opportunity to display all of the attributes of the IB Learner Profile and to display a wide variety of skills from the Approaches to Learning (ATL).

The Exhibition is viewed as a major landmark in each student's educational journey, and is a celebration of each individual student, from start to finish. Successful completion of the Exhibition project, and perhaps most importantly of the Exhibition process, begins a transition of PYP learners into the next phase of their education - the Middle Years Programme (MYP).


2022-2023 PYP8 Exhibition - 28 April 2023

Transdisciplinary Theme: Sharing the Planet

Central Idea: "This issue is important to me, my community, and my world."

This research explored a keystone event in the PYP—the PYP exhibition. The study found overwhelming support from parents, students and teachers for the exhibition as an activity and a deep conviction that this was not only a good use of curriculum time, but the pinnacle of PYP achievement
Summary developed by the IB Research department